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Welcome to your new PSU Drupal Website!

The following is a list of system features that must be configured in order for your site to work correctly.

  1. Site Information
  2. Syndication Client
  3. Theme Settings
  4. GSA Search
  5. Contact Form
  6. Quickmenu
  7. Generic Analytics
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Moderation
  10. User Accounts

Site Information


Site information defines the default title for the site, primary site contact, and setting options for the site. Please only enter the site title and primary contact the remaining settings should use the default properties provided.

Syndication Client


PSU provides a centralized syndication service for multiple types of content. Once you have setup your syndicated content the provided client management interface can be used to configure what content is displayed and in what order.
For more information on how to create syndication content please contact your Ucomm representative.

Theme Settings


Theme settings provides an interface to select and configure your site theme. By default one or more themes will be enabled, select a theme and configure the settings for the theme based on the requirements for your site.

GSA Search


PSU provides a centralized search service using a Google search appliance. Each site can be configured to search either the current site and or all sites provided by PSU. For specific setting requirements please contact your designated support group.

Contact Form


The contact form provides a standard contact form to allow users of your site to email one or more groups of contacts. You can add default contact information to the top of the contact form by selecting the settings tab and entering text into the additional information field. Optionally if you do not wish to provide a contact form you can disable the contact module. By doing this you will need to create a new page and make sure the page alias is set to contact. If you created the page correctly clicking the contact link in the secondary navigation will take you to the newly created page.



The quickmenu feature provides a static menu of links to pages within or outside of the current website. You can define if the quickmenu should be displayed on the homepage or sub-pages by settings the preference on the theme settings page.

Generic Analytics


Generic analytics provides an interface to integrate 3rd party statistics packages into the Drupal system.

Google Analytics


PSU provides a centralized analytics service provided by Google. You can configure how the analytics service is integrated into the Drupal system.



The site can support a moderation work flow, by default the module is enabled but the key system functions are not setup to support it. Please reference the configuring Moderation section within the PSU Drupal Management Handbook for more information. If your site doesn't require moderation we would recommend disabling the module.

User Accounts


By default user accounts are added to the Drupal system by integrating with PSU's authentication system ODIN. So you shouldn't need to create user accounts instead you only need to assign roles for this site to existing user accounts. Go to the user management section and select assign existing users to roles tab.
In the event a user account that exists in ODIN does not exist in Drupal use the migrate ODIN user account wizard to import the account.


Once you have setup and configured the features listed you are now ready to create pages and navigation for your department or organization. For further information on the functionality of the system please reference the PSU Drupal Management Handbook.