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Map Archive

Dan Coe
Trees Of Couch Park - Portland Parks and Recreation 2010

Margaret Seiler
Kiev: Jewish Metropolis: A History, 1859-1914 by Natan Meir 2010

Kirk McEwen
Portland State: A History in Pictures by Richard Sanders (author) & Brent Schauer (photographer) 2009

Jon Franczyk & David Banis
The Trees of Laurelhurst Park 2009

Chad Lublin
Crime Maps for Portland State Campus Public Safety Office 2008

Wayne Larimer
Maps and Spatial Analysis for the Portland Housing Center 2008 

Jon Franczyk & David Banis
Willamette Valley AVAs: The Geologic Origin of their Soils Pinot Camp 2008

Jon Franczyk
Large Domestic Pits on the Northwest Coast of North America by Ken Ames, Cameron Smith, Alexander Bourdeau Journal of Field Archaeology Vol 33 (1): Spring 2008

Kirk McEwen, Jon Franczyk, Maurice Johns, & David Banis
Oregon and Our Links with Canada An Oregonian Educational Supplement provided by the Oregon Geographic Alliance 2008

Andy Freed
Fort Clatsop: Rebuilding an Icon by The Daily Astorian 2007

Tommy McKoy, Jason Schmidt, and David Banis
Portland Red Guide: Sites and Stories of Our Radical Past by Michael Munk 2007

Wayne Coffey
Deer Drink the Moon: Poems of Oregon by Liz Nakazawa (ed) 2007

Steph Gaspers & David Banis
City of Readers: The Book Lover’s Guide to Portland by Gabriel Boehmer 2007

Wayne Larimer, Peter Paul, David Banis, and Joe Poracsky
South Park Blocks: Portland’s Cultural, Historical, and Educational Center 2006