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Jiunn-Der (Geoffrey) Duh

Jiunn-Der (Geoffrey) Duh  
 Associate Professor of Geography
 Director - GIS Programs
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 Ph.D. Natural Resources & Environment (2004)               The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI                     M.S. Geography (1991),                                                 National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan                     B.S. Geography (1986),                                                   National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Research Interests
GIScience theory and techniques for integrating GIS and remote sensing in spatial decision-making. Specific  projects focus on spatial modeling, simulation, and optimization techniques for land-use planning, emergency  planning, and resources management.


Courses Taught

 GEOG 4/575 Digital Compilation and Database Design
 GEOG 4/581 Digital Image Analysis I - Introduction
 GEOG 4/582 Digital Image Analysis II - Advanced
 GEOG 4/590 GIS Programming
 GEOG 4/592 GIS II – Applications
 GEOG 4/593 Digital Terrain Analysis

Graduate Students
 Andrew Fritter
 Kyle Goodman: 
Urban Geography and GIS as it relates to environmental clean-up and restoration
 Masound Momeni (SOE PhD):                                                                                                                                      An ecosystem service based approach for water resource management in an arid river  basin
 Eric Nielsen (SOE PhD): 
 Vegetation canopy structure estimation via multispectral remote sensing 
 Alex Troy


Publications & Presentations & Media

 Jiunn-Der (Geoffrey) Duh gave a talk titled "Let Knowledge Serve the City - The City is Our Classroom: RLIS and GIS  Education at Portland State University" at the Metro Regional Government 2016 RLIS Subscriber Meeting, Portland,  Oregon. February 11, 2016  


 Geoffrey Duh received a grant for $20,000 from the US Army Corps of Engineers for the project "Integration of Web  GIS and Performance-based Budgeting Systems (IPA)" November 2015