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One of the major goals of the School is to foster and support collaborative research. The Gender, Race, and Nations Research Collectives/Initiatives will create a critical interdisciplinary environment conducive to developing investigations and theoretical applications in the study and teaching of such issues as critical race theory, tribal sovereignty, decolonization, gender and sexuality studies, queer theory, the African and African Diasporic experience, gender and migration, and the diverse forces impacting Latinas/os in the U.S. The Research Collectives/Initiatives will provide the venue and support necessary for scholars affiliated with the School to forge new methodological and theoretical paradigms representative of historically underserved populations. Interested faculty and units in the School can come together around common research themes to work on collaborative research that will produce important scholarship and secure external funding. To foster such research, it may be desirable to form research clusters around specific themes. Affiliate faculty from other departments or other schools may join these clusters or institutes according to their research interests (e.g., APA scholars whose work would expand and enhance the scholarly dialogue of the Collectives/Initiatives).

We will be adding information during the academic year.