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Meet Katherine Winter
Meet Katherine Winter

Katherine Winter is a MA TESOL graduate student in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University.  In September, Katherine became a Graduate Research Assistant with the Literacy Language & Technology Research Group (LLTR) at PSU.  She states, “It’s challenging but important work,…I have so many resources I can refer to in my teaching.”   Katherine’s main project is developing learner-centered, research-based learning plans for tutors.  The project focuses on providing scaffolding so all tutors can help their learners improve their literacy, regardless of a tutor’s experience level. Katherine is also working on a project with LLTR branching into Health Literacy. 

Katherine became involved with LLTR during her first year in the MA TESOL program through one of her graduate courses, LING 475/575 Curriculum Design and Materials Development in TESOL with Kathy Harris, Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and Research Faculty for LLTR.  The final course project involved working with Learner Web and Katherine excelled in software and content development.  Prior to being a Research Assistant, Katherine was a Grader for Janet Cowel, Senior Instructor of Applied Linguistics.

Katherine returned to the MA TESOL program after completing her B.A. in Applied Linguistics from PSU in 2009.  She believes prospective MA TESOL students should consider PSU because, “We have a very knowledgeable and supportive faculty. If you have a passion for the subject matter, you will have a great experience.”  After completing the MA TESOL, Katherine plans to broaden her cultural horizons by teaching overseas in several countries before starting a Ph.D. in Linguistics or Education.