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Meet Jo-Anne Hutter
Meet Jo-Anne Hutter

Jo-Anne Hutter is a MA TESOL graduate student in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University and a Graduate Research Assistant for the Civil Engineering Writing Project with Susan Conrad, Professor of Applied Linguistics.  The Project is related to her professional goals, “My thesis involves corpus linguistics, so having the opportunity to work with Susan, such an important researcher in this field, has been very helpful.”  As a Research Assistant, Jo-Anne analyses the writing of practicing engineers and engineering students. 

Jo-Anne is originally from Pocatello, ID and she chose PSU, “after visiting Portland and falling in love with the city and the Applied Linguistics program."  After completing a Bachelors of Arts in Applied Linguistics and a TEFL certificate from PSU, Jo-Anne became a Tutor for the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) at PSU.  As for non-linguistic activities, Jo-Anne spends time entertaining her two-year-old daughter and sings in a local barbershop chorus.

After completing her MA TESOL degree, Jo-Anne plans to teach English in South Korea for a few years.  She intends to continue working on linguistics research in the area of corpus linguistics and ultimately return to Oregon to teach English.