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Meet Ceara Chewning
Meet Ceara Chewning

Ceara Chewing is a senior working on a B.A. in Applied Linguistics with minors in Computer Science and French at Portland State University.  Ceara has spent the last two summers interning with Intel.  She plans on interning with Intel again this summer.  During the academic year, Ceara works with Susan Conrad, Professor of Applied Linguistics, on the Civil Engineering Writing Project and grades programs for a PSU introductory Computer Science course.

Ceara’s first Intel internship was an open source Linux project, a network manager called ConnMan. Ceara learned about the internship, applied online, and sent an email to the manager with her resume and cover letter.  Ceara states, “Despite having taken only one programming class….I emphasized how quickly I could learn and how hard I would work on it, and they hired me….I arrived early and stayed late to figure out how to do everything, and asked questions.” When Ceara expressed interest in interning with an Intel language related group working on natural language processing (NLP) the following summer, she applied and they created an opportunity for her.   By the close of last summer, Ceara filed a patent disclosure to Intel’s internal patent committee to see if her design would be patented.

After graduation, Ceara plans on creating NLP software and other computational linguistics programs for a technology company.  Ceara wants, “to make computers understand people better, and help them extract information from natural language sentences.”  Ceara believes the practical knowledge and professional connections gained from her Intel internships and working with Dr. Conrad and the Civil Engineering Writing Project will assist her in finding a job after graduation.