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Meet Ally Lemcke-Kibby
Meet Ally Lemcke-Kibby

Ally Lemcke-Kibby is a MA TESOL graduate student in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University and Editorial Assistant for the Applied Linguistics journal, published by Oxford University Press.  She states working on “the ‘cutting edge’ of Applied Linguistics research has been truly motivational.”   Ally assists the Co-Editor John Hellermann, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics, in discerning if a manuscript is potentially publishable and helps to keep the peer review process running smoothly.  

Ally was drawn to PSU's TESL Certificate/MA TESOL Program in high school because of her interest in teaching English as a Second Language.  Apart from having a program that would help fulfil her educational goals, PSU also stuck out to her because, "As an Oregon native from the Clackamas area, I wanted to stay close to home and was drawn to PSU's involvement with their local community and their motto of "Let Knowledge Serve the City."  While at PSU, Ally has also had the opportunity to volunteer for the Computer Action Team (the CAT) which has allowed her to explore basic coding and develop video recording and editing skills.

After completing a Bachelors of Arts in Applied Linguistics with TEFL certificate, and graduating from the Urban Honors College at PSU, Ally is continuing her first year in the MA TESOL program as the editorial assistant for Applied Linguistics, and as a research assistant for John Hellermann. As a research assistant Ally has been  observing and transcribing the question intonation patterns of Russian English language learners.

Ally recommends taking courses in an interdisciplinary field like Applied Linguistics to anyone who is intrigued by the role language and interaction plays in everyday life. She also believes that the, “coursework provides you with skills that highlight a systematic and detail oriented approach, which can be applied to more than just linguistic research.” After completing her MA TESOL, Ally wants to teach ESL/EFL in the US or abroad before completing a Ph.D. with a focus on Linguistics and/or Education. Her research interests include computer mediated communication/internet mediated communication, identity, literacy practices, and the process of training pre-service ESL teachers.