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Hooding FAQs

What is a Hooding Ceremony?

The hooding ceremony has its roots in midieval times and is held to recognize academic achievement. Students receiving a Master's degree wear the distinctive dress of academic regalia- a cap with a tassel, a robe and a hood. The color of the hood and tassel represent the specific are of study of the Master's candidate.

Why does the School of Fine and Performing Arts (FPA) hold a Hooding and Graduation Ceremony?

The Hooding and Graduation Ceremony provides FPA faculty and staff an oppurtunity to celebrate the achievement of both our bachelor's and master's degree recipients in a smaller, more personal ceremony.

How is the Hooding different from the University Commencement?

It is both more intimate and shorter.

Can I go to both?

Yes! Absolutely! Please note that both undergraduates and graduates are asked to wear regalia to the University Commencement. 

Is there a cost to participate in the FPA Hooding & Graduation Ceremony?

No! You are our guest.

What should I wear?
If you are an undergraduate reveiving a Bachelor's degree we ask the you wear"'business casual" attire. In short, look nice.
If you are a graduate student receiving a Master's degree, graduation regalia are required. There are three ways to get regalia:

I am receiving a master's degree and will be ordering regalia, what are my tassel and hood colors?

Architecture- Blue-Violet
Art(Fine Arts)- Brown
Music- Pink

Theare & Film (Fine Arts)- Brown


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