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A big change is coming to your student account this Fall 2016!

As of Fall 2016, HigherOne will no longer be managing student refunds on behalf of Portland State University. All refunds will now be dispersed using direct deposit through your Banweb account. 

WE NEED set up direct deposit for any overpayment refunds. DO THIS TODAY, to prevent any delay in receiving your funds. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and login with your student ID number and password.  

  2. Go to “Student Services” tab

  3. Click on the “Student Account” link

  4. Choose Direct Deposit Refund Setup

  5. Enter your checking or savings bank account information for direct deposit.

Watch the "how to" video!


IMPORTANT: Refund preferences will NOT carry over from Higher One.  


Financial Aid is applied to student accounts 10 days before the start of the term, provided all Financial Aid requirements have been fulfilled. Refunds for overpayments made to the student account begin the same day. PSU offers students the option of signing up for direct deposit. Setting up direct deposit is done through the student portal. Once the direct deposit is set up and a refund overpayment is processed through the student’s account, it can take up to three business days before the funds are available to the checking or savings account, depending on the banking institution’s policies.

If you have compelling reasons for needing a refund sooner, fill out the Expedite Refund Request Form.

Payments made by credit card will be credited back to that card; otherwise refunds will be refunded to the student’s refund preference via HigherOne through September 16th, 2016. Please make sure that you have set up your refund preference.  As of Fall 2016, HigherOne will no longer be managing student refunds on behalf of Portland State University. All refunds will now be dispersed using direct deposit through your Banweb account. 

Helpful links:
Financial Aid's Census Date Disbursement policy
Refund schedule and other refund policies 
Petition for current term tuition and fees
Petition for past term tuition and fees 
Petition for graduate tuition and fees 

Refunds are issued on accounts when there is a credit balance. Refund penalties may apply, which may reduce the refund. Dropped classes involving financial aid must be approved by the Financial Aid Office before a refund is issued. Payments made by bankcard will have any refund credited back to the card. All other refunds are disbursed via the selected refund option. For check payments, including electronic (e-check) payments, there will be a 2-week waiting period while funds are cleared before any refunds can be processed. Parking permits may not be refundable.  Please contact Transportation and Parking Services for details. 

Other Refund Policies

Special Course Fees

Academic departments that charge fees in addition to tuition maintain their own refund schedules for those fees. Students must contact the departments to get approval for refunds.

Health Studies

Any Health Studies special course fee refunds are automatic.

Student Health Insurance

Fees associated with the Student Health Insurance premium are not refundable after the 2nd week of the term. Insurance fees will be deducted before calculating refunds.

Overseas Programs

Regular tuition, fees, and surcharges paid by students in special overseas programs are nonrefundable.

Dropping All Courses

Completely dropping all classes does not cancel a student's obligation to pay a student loan or a balance owed to the University. Refund calculations are based on the total tuition and fees. Students with outstanding accounts such as short-term loans, deferred tuition, and any other financial obligations due the University, will have any refund due them applied against the obligation.

Refund policy and calculation are matters separate from tuition payment arrangements.

Refunds for students on financial aid are credited back to the proper financial aid account. For more information, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Military Service

The refund policy generally provides for full refund of dropped or withdrawn courses resulting from entering or being called to active duty in the military service within thirty days of withdrawal. No refund is available for course work in which a student has received academic credit or from courses not dropped/withdrawn. For a full refund, the student must make a written request to the Office of the Registrar. Documentation of the military orders is required.

A student voluntarily enlisting in a military service must drop/withdraw according to existing academic policy, procedures and deadlines, or by petition to the Deadline Appeals Board.