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Tuition Refunds

Refunds are issued on accounts when a credit balance is created on dropped classes. Refund penalties may apply, which may reduce the refund. Drops involving financial aid must be approved by the Financial Aid Office before a refund is issued. Payments made by bankcard will have any refund credited back to the card. All other refunds are sent to HigherOne to be disbursed via your selected refund option, OneAccount, Direct Deposit to your existing checking account or paper check via mail. For check payments, including electronic (e-check) payments, there will be a 2-week waiting period while funds are cleared before any refunds can be processed. Refunds take 4-6 weeks to process.  Please note: Parking permits may not be refundable.  Please contact Transportation and Parking Services for details. For more information, please go to Tuition Refunds in Tuition and Fees.