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Tuition Refunds

All dropped courses are subject to the refund schedule.

Are you waiting to receive a refund from a dropped class? Make sure to review the academic calendar for published add/drop deadlines. It could be possible that you do not have one coming. If a class is dropped later than the first week, only a percentage of the charges is available for refund. For every week that passes up until the fourth week, the percentage decreases.

First Week

Second Week

Third Week

Fourth Week

Fifth Week


100% Refund

70% Refund

40% Refund

20% Refund

0% Refund



A course may be dropped during the fifth week of the term by using the Special Registration Form, but the course will be recorded on the transcript as a Withdrawn "W " course and full tuition will be charged.

Refund consideration is automatic; no special request is necessary. Action to process a refund cannot begin until after the end of the second week. It may take as many as six additional weeks for the refund to reach the student.

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