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Post Baccalaureate Student Tuition Classification

Students who have earned an accredited baccalaureate degree, who have not been admitted to a graduate degree program may enroll at the post baccalaureate level.  These students are admitted to Portland State to earn a second bachelor’s degree, certificate, complete pre-requisites for admission to graduate school, or take other academic credit. Post baccalaureate students are assessed at the undergraduate tuition rate for all courses numbered 499 level or below. Post baccalaureate students are assessed at the graduate rate for all courses numbered 500 level or above. Please note that financial aid eligibility for Postbaccalaureate students depends on the program being worked on, not necessarily on the tuition rate being paid for a class. In addition, please note students taking differential tuition classes will be assessed higher rates for those specific courses. Please go to the Office of Student Financial Aid website ( for more information or call 503-725-3461.