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Perkins Deferments


Perkins Loan Deferments forms

If you have questions about your NDS/Perkins Loan you may call the Portland State University Accounts Receivable office at 503-725-3440 or 1-800-547-8887, press zero for the campus operator and ask for Accounts Receivable. You can also contact us by email: If you send an email or leave a voice message requesting a form you cannot print, be sure to specify which form you need and make sure we have your current mailing address.

Deferment forms may be filled out and printed from your computer. Fill it out, print it, sign it then have it certified by the appropriate person if the form requires certification. It should then be mailed to:

Portland State University
Accounts Receivable Office
PO Box 202
Portland, OR 97202-0202.

To go to the form click on its name in the grid below.

These deferments are now available on all outstanding NDS/Perkins Loans.


Deferment Type



Graduate Fellowship

1. Enrollment as a regular student, at least half-time, at an institution of higher education or a comparable institution outside the U.S. [Approved by the Secretary of Education].
A regular student is one who is enrolled for the purpose of obtaining a degree or certificate.

2. Pursuit of a course of study as a regular student in an approved graduate fellowship program.

3. Engagement in a graduate or post-graduate fellowship-supported study (such as pursuant to a Fulbright grant) outside the United States.

Mandatory Forbearance

Unemployment Deferment

Forbearance is limited to three years over the life of the loan, as is the unemployment deferment. More than one year may not be granted at a time, and usually less than that is granted unless unusual circumstances are demonstrated on the form. The information given on the form determines whether we process it as a forbearance or an unemployment deferment.
We can not process a form with the financial information left blank or $0 in all of the data fields.

Economic Hardship Deferment

This form must be accompanied by documentation showing that the borrower qualifies for the deferment. The form tells you what that documentation is for each of the possible categories.
We can not process a form that comes in without the required documentation, or if the documentation provided does not support the claim.

Rehabilitation Training

The form lists the qualifications for this deferment and must be certified by an official of the rehabilitation training program.

Military Deferment

These are available on loans that were first disbursed on or after July 1, 2001. Not all members of the military will qualify for this deferment. Please read the complete form, paying especial attention to Section 6: Definitions and Section 7: Eligibility Criteria for Military Deferment. Note that you must submit a separate deferment request to each loan holder in order to have all of your eligible loans deferred.

Loan Types PER12- through PER22-, made before July 1, 1993, have deferments that do not exist on most of the loans now outstanding. If you have a loan from that period and believe you may be eligible for one of the following deferments please contact us for the appropriate form.

  • US Armed Services & National Guard Reserves on active duty
  • Officer in the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service
  • Temporarily totally disabled or caring for a spouse who is temporarily totally disabled. For loan types PER16- through PER22- this includes a dependent who is temporarily totally disabled.
  • Peace Corps/Action program volunteer.

Loan Types PER16- through PER22- also have these deferments that do not exist on the earlier or later loan types. Please contact us regarding deferment forms for the following:

  • Full-time active duty in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps.
  • Mother of preschool age children and working or returning to work at a salary no more than $1.00 over the minimum hourly wage.
  • Parental Leave: while pregnant, caring for a newborn, or caring for a child immediately after adoption. Must not be attending an eligible post-secondary school or be gainfully employed. This deferment must begin no more than 6 months after the borrower ceased to be enrolled at least half-time at an eligible institution.