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PSU ePay ensures your credit card information is secure and expands student payment options.

*New!* PSU Payment plan begining Fall 2014!

PSU ePay will not only ensure all credit card information is secure, but will expand student payment options to include:

  • Free electronic payment from your checking or savings account or from your PSU OneAccount.
  • On line web acceptance of major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for a fee.
  • Parental and 3rd Party Login accounts issued by the student so others can view and make payments on your behalf.

PSU ePay can be easily accessed through the Banweb.

Student FAQs on PCI compliance and Cashnet

Students have three options for paying tuition and fees.

  • 1. Online: Pay online through PSU ePay using your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Card, or E-Check.

If you are making a payment using your Higher One card:
If you are making a payment using your Higher One card you may pay without paying any service fees by making the payment through e-check option by entering your account and routing number.

Where is your Account number?
Your PSUOne account is the number printed on the bottom of your checks or the top of your statement. To view your statement on-line, log-on to your OneAccount, click on the OneAccount tab, and then choose statement.

If you are making a payment using E-Check:
Want to make an online payment without paying any service charges? Pay with E-Check. Students can now pay electronically through their bank account with PSU e-Pay e-check. The student will simply enter their bank account and bank specific routing number and the funds will be deducted directly from their bank account. This service is free of charge.

If you are making a payment using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express:
CASHNet® SmartPay will assess a service charge of 2.75% for the merchant fee cost of making a credit card payment. The fee will be displayed for your review and acceptance before the payment is processed.

A student paying on your own account:
To pay a bill via the Web, go to, log on to your PSU account and follow the prompts for Web Payment.

To pay on another account:
: Students may authorize parents or others to access their PSU ePay account and make payments on their behalf by creating pins for them. Authorized payers have similar functions as students to view payment and billing history, however, they can only make and view recent payments on the student's account and cannot set up other authorized payers. To access your student's account please ask your student to set up a third party pin for you.

  • 2. US mail:

Send your payment with the bottom third of the billing statement in the envelope supplied with the bill. If you want to make a payment by mail and don't have a bill, send your payment (make sure to write your student ID number on the check) to:

PSU Cashier's Office, PO Box 908, Portland OR 97207.

  • 3. In person:

Pay by check or cash in person at the Cashier's window in the Neuberger Hall Lobby.

Hours of Operation

First week of each term
8:00-6:00 Monday-Thursday
9:00-5:00 Friday
Fall, Winter and Spring Terms
9:00-5:30 Monday-Thursday
9:00-5:00 Friday
Summer Term and between terms 9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday

Office hours are subject to change during Winter Holiday break.

Payment arrangements for past-due amounts
Contact the Student Collections office at 503.725.3440. Option #2: email or see for department information.

Payment Policy

All students registered for courses incur a financial obligation. Portland State University policies require full payment of tuition, housing and other outstanding fees by 6th of every month. The option of enrolling in the payment plan is available. If payment in full when not in the payment plan is not received, a $100 late fee will be applied on the account the next day and the account will be automatically enrolled in the payment plan. If the account is enrolled in the payment plan but the outstanding installment is not paid  by the due date, the $100 late fee will apply the next day. 

All students are required to sign the Terms and Conditions of Payment. Log onto Odin Account Manager (OAM) at to accept the Terms and Conditions of Payment.

Students are financially responsible for all classes for which they are registered on or after the first day of the quarter. Students who discover that they cannot attend must cancel their registration before the first day of the term to avoid financial obligation.

Note: This does not apply to Perkins Loans. See Perkins Loans - Forms and Information for information on making Perkins Loan payments.


Charges and payments are posted on a daily basis to student accounts. All financial aid funds must be applied toward the tuition balance. When an overpayment appears on the student account, refunds will be processed according to our Refund Policy.