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Non-Credit Registration (CEUs)


Paying by credit card

* Please note that the credit card processor does not currently work with certain versions of the Mac operating system.
* If you are an organization paying for an employee, please note that each student account must be created with the student’s information, not a company representative’s.

To pay online via credit card:

  1. Locate the class you would like to register for in our course catalog. The most effective way to use the search is to enter as few criteria as possible: for example, a keyword from the title and a Subject Area / Program. The more criteria that are entered, the more your search is limited.
  2. Click [Add to Cart]. Select any valid price adjustments if they are available (e.g., Early Bird Discount).
  3. Click [Continue Checkout]. You will then be taken to a Login page. If you registered for a noncredit class after December 2011, enter your username and password and proceed with checkout. 
If you last took a class before December 2011, or have never taken a class, please select New User, enter your email address, and proceed with check-out to create a student account.
  4. Check your email. You will receive an enrollment confirmation with a PDF payment receipt attached.

* If you are an organization registering multiple employees by credit card in numbers where it is not feasible to enroll them individually, please have your employees create their own student accounts here. Once they have all been created, call 503-725-4184 to pay by phone or e-mail to arrange the best time for us to reach you.


Paying by check or money order

  1. Locate the class for which you would like to register.
  2. Print, fill out, and sign a paper registration form provided by department.
  3. Mail the registration form with the check to:

Portland State University
Non-Credit Solutions
P.O. Box 202

Portland, OR 97207-202
(US funds only)


Paying by Purchase Order, or guarantee, etc.

* Please note that this option is only available to organizations, (e.g., businesses, school districts, government agencies). Individuals may not be billed.

  1. Have your employees create their student accounts. They can do so here. Please use the student's information, not a company representative’s contact information.
  2. Fill out and sign paper registration forms for each of the students. Please include enough identifying information so that we are able to distinguish between students, as we often encounter individuals with the same name.
  3. Send the purchase order or tuition voucher along with the registration form(s) to our office. They can be emailed to, faxed to 503-725-5458, or mailed to:

Portland State University
Non Credit Solutions
P.O. Box 202
Portland, OR 97207-202



Noncredit Courses

Notification of withdrawal or dropped courses should be made directly at prior to the first class session. Refunds are based on department drop policy. If registration took place through a third party or group, you will need to contact your third party/group coordinator. Refunds for third party/group registrations must be requested by the third party/group contact person.



Classes are offered on a self-support basis. Therefore, a decision to hold the class is based on enrollment. If insufficient enrollment or any other significant reason necessitates canceling a course, an effort will be made to contact those students who have preregistered, and credit tuition or noncredit fees will be refunded.