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Information for Parents


Portland State University is pleased to provide students with the PSU OneCard - an innovative, integrated student identification card (ID) with a variety of uses on and off campus. The card can be used for on-campus purchases and can double as a debit card for the OneAccount, a fully functional, FDIC-insured checking account the university offers its students free of charge. As a MasterCard Debit Card, NOT A CREDIT CARD, it is usable for purchases at millions of merchants around the world.


Shortly after registering for classes, each student receives a PSU OneCard by mail, activates it on the secure Web site ( ) and may choose to have immediate use of the OneAccount - an FDIC-insured, no monthly fee, no minimum balance checking account. This debit/checking account has been carefully designed with the needs of students in mind. Accessing funds deposited into the OneAccount checking account will be as easy for students as borrowing a book from the library or eating at a campus dining facility. The OneCard is a fully functioning ATM card that allows students to draw money out of their OneAccount checking account with no fee at Higher One designated ATMs strategically and conveniently located on campus. Students can set their preference to have their financial aid and other refunds deposited directly into the OneAccount checking account by PSU. OneAccount checking account statements are updated daily and are available at


The PSU OneCard is not a credit card, so students will not be in danger of accumulating debt by its use. They can only spend the money they have deposited in the OneAccount checking account. In the event where your student requires a replacement card, it is their responsibility to report the card lost or stolen. This can be completed in several convenient ways: by either visiting , calling toll-free at 877-PSU-PSU1 (877-778-7781) or visiting the ID Card office in Neuberger Hall, Windows 7-9, during operating hours. The cardholder is not held responsible for reported fraudulent transactions made to the OneAccount checking account pursuant to Federal Reserve Regulation E, MasterCard rules and other laws and regulations.


As a parent or guardian of a student at PSU, you will be able to send money to your student instantly and securely. All you need is a bank account and an internet connection. It takes three easy steps to sign up to send your student money at . If you would prefer to speak with a customer service representative, one is available to take your call at 877-PSU-PSU1 (877-778-7781). You can also choose to send a check to fund your student's OneAccount checking account. Please check for details.


Any money deposited for your student through the online "Send Money" feature will go further as all students who use the OneAccount checking account will benefit from the OneRewards program. In addition to the strength of the MasterCard network - acceptance of the OneAccount checking account at over 24 million locations worldwide - the PSU OneCard generates rewards points every time a student uses it at a participating merchant. As points accumulate, those reward points are redeemable for gift certificates and merchandise at .