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ID Card Services

Official PSU ID

All students get their PSU ID/Access Card at the ID Services Office. The PSU ID/Access Card is used for access to secured buildings on campus.


After enrolling for classes, all students are automatically issued a PSU OneCard by mail and use this card to choose their preference for receiving refunds.

PSU Official ID/Access Card

All students are required to have a PSU ID/Access Card. The PSU ID Card allows access to the Miller Library, the Academic and Student Rec Center (A.S.R.C.), the Portland Streetcar, and to gain access to campus buildings that are locked to increase the security of the campus. Please get your PSU ID/Access Card during your New Student Orientation session or your first visit to campus. The first card is issued at no charge and replacements are $21. Only students registered for current or upcoming term's classes are eligible for a PSU ID Card.


When to Expect Your PSU OneCard (refund card)

6 weeks before the start of the term, cards are mailed to students that have registered for classes and had their photo taken. Please maintain an up-to-date address on your banweb account to ensure that you receive your card.

If you have registered for classes but have not found time to be photographed, your card will be mailed three weeks before the term begins without a photo. If you receive a non-photo card, simply activate this card at and come to ID Services to be photographed. We will then mail you a replacement card with a photo at no charge.

Your card will not be mailed until you have registered for classes.

Undeliverable PSU OneCards are returned to HigherOne. For all questions related to your PSUOne card (HigherOne OneAccount) Checking Account please visit or contact Higher One at 877-778-7781.

To check on delivery of your PSU OneCard, click "Where's My Card" at If no results are returned, please check that you’ve met the required criteria listed above and that the start of the term is no more than 6 weeks away.

When you receive your PSU OneCard by mail, activate it by clicking “Get Started” at and choose from the following refund choices.

Choice No. 1: ACH Direct Deposit. Have PSU refunds directly deposited into your existing bank account via ACH. This is the best option for most students who already have a checking account. You will need your checking account’s routing and account numbers to complete activation. Refund processing time is two to three days.

Choice No. 2: PSU One Account . Open a checking account with Higher One. PSU refunds will be deposited into this checking account and your PSU OneCard is used as a debit MasterCard to access your funds. See for more information about the Higher One account. This option works well for students who do not already have a bank account. Before choosing this option, please review the terms of service and fees associated with the PSU One Account at to ensure that this checking account will meet your banking needs. Refund processing time is one day.

Choice No. 3: Paper Check. Have PSU Refunds mailed as a paper check. This is not recommended. The paper check option increases the time it takes to receive your refund to five or more business days. Paper checks cannot be forwarded by the post office.