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Faculty Card

New Faculty and Staff: Once Human Resources has authorized issuance of your ID, please bring a valid government-issued photo ID to ID Services to obtain a PSU Faculty/Staff Key Card. Your first PSU Faculty/Staff Key Card is issued free of charge. Replacement for lost cards will be available for a fee of $21.

Issuance of a PSU Faculty/Staff Key Card requires a PSU ID number. If you work for USGS, OTRADI, Chancellor’s Office, or another entity with special appointment status, please visit HR to be assigned a PSU ID number and issued an ID Authorization form. Bring this form to ID Services with your valid government-issued photo ID to obtain your card.

Replacement IDs: To obtain a replacement PSU Faculty/Staff Key Card, please come to ID Services with a valid government issued photo ID. There is a $21 fee for this service.

Expiration Date Stickers: These stickers will be attached to your PSU Faculty and Staff Key Card. Cards without a sticker or with stickers that have expired are revoked of all privileges. About a month before your sticker expires, your department head will issue new stickers to all members of your department. You may also obtain a new expiration date sticker from ID Services or Human Resources.

Expired Cards: All PSU ID Cards have an expiration date. Faculty/Staff Key Cards issued after January 1, 2005 expire 10 years after they were issued. Expired cards will no longer work for building access. 

Building Access: If you need access to an office or building, please contact your department head. They will need the access badge number from your PSU Faculty/Staff Key Card to request access for you. ID Services cannot assign access to your card. If your card is not working to access a building, please hold it next to a card reader and see if it beeps or turns the light green. If it beeps or flashes green your card is physically working but you have not been granted access to that building. Please contact your department head to request access. If the card reader does not beep, your card is faulty. Please come to ID Services with a valid government-issued photo ID to have your card replaced.

If you are leaving PSU: Please return your PSU Faculty/Staff Key Card to ID Services. If you have a Tri-Met Passport sticker on your ID, please return the Passport sticker to Transportation & Parking Services first to stop future Tri-Met charges.

Emeriti: Thank you for your service to PSU. To obtain an Emeriti ID card, we’ll need to see your Emeriti letter signed by PSU President Wim Wiewel. There is no charge for initial or replacement Emeriti ID cards, and Emeriti cards do not require a validation sticker.