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ID Card Services

Services Provided

  • Issuing PSU Key Cards and PSU OneCards to all approved PSU affiliates
  • Answering questions regarding all PSU ID Cards
  • Aiding students in the activation of their PSU OneCard


Our mission is to process all PSU OneCards and PSU Key Cards with accuracy and promptness and ensure students, faculty, staff, vendors, contractors, tenants of PSU buildings, and visitors understand how to use and get the most benefit from these cards.

Additional Helpful Information

All transactions require a valid government issued Photo ID. Valid forms include U.S. Driver License, DMV State ID, Passport, Military ID, or Permanent Resident Card.

Students: Please have a PSU ID number assigned by Admissions, Registration, and Records before reporting to ID Services. Please see our Students page for more information.

Faculty and staff: Please have a PSU ID number assigned by Human Resources before reporting to ID Services. Please see our Faculty/Staff page for more information.

We do not accept payments. All charges will be billed to your BanWeb account.

Lost and Found and Returned ID Cards

We process lost, found and undeliverable PSU ID cards only. When we receive found cards, we notify the cardholder via an email to their email address. Found cards are held for 30 days and then destroyed. All found cards must be picked up in person and require the cardholder to show a valid government issued photo ID. If you have lost items other than or in addition to a PSU ID card, please contact PSU Campus Public Safety at 503-725-4407.


Portland State University is a premier member of the National Association of Campus Card Users.