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Green Purchasing

Portland State University’s Office of Purchasing and Contracting (PUR) is dedicated to promoting sustainability and sustainable practices such as "Green Purchasing." PUR encourages the purchase of products and services that reduce the amount of waste, minimize the amount of negative environmental impact and conserve our natural resources, while promoting social justice and fair and equitable procurement practices.  We encourage PSU staff to join us in this effort towards responsible purchasing.  If we all join together to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle, we can make Portland State a totally sustainable campus and community.

When considering the purchase of a good or service you may ask these questions to help you make a “greener” selection:

  • Is this good or service already available on campus?
  • Could the use of this good or service be consolidated with other departments use to reduce delivery or commuter emissions?
  • Is this good recyclable at the end of its use?
  • Is there a way to buy a recycled version of this good?
  • Is there a local vendor I can procure this good or service from?  Is the vendor a State Certified MWESB?
  • How durable is this product and how long before it has to be replaced?
  • Does the vendor that produces the good or provides the service an environmentally conscientious vendor?

In an effort to reduce the use of bottled water on campus, (whether individual bottles or water cooler service), please consider using a water faucet filter if you have a sink in your office area.

Water Filter Information

If you have questions or need more information please contact Stacey Balenger at or 503-725-5244.