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Federal Perkins Loans Exit Interview


Federal regulations require that students complete the Perkins Loan exit interview before graduation, withdrawal, or dropping below half-time enrollment. The exit interview helps students understand what actions they need to take as repayment of the borrowed funds approaches.

An outstanding or incomplete exit interview will result in a hold on registration, transcripts, and diploma release.

To complete the exit interview, please follow the instructions below:

  • Go to and click on the “Student” box to get to the login page

  • Fill in your school code: 81 for Portland State University

  • Fill in your account number: your Social Security Number

  • Fill in your PIN: This number can be found on your billing statements. If you don't have the pin you may call ECSI at 1-888-549-3274 to retrieve it. Live chat is available in the customer service area of the site.

  • Look for the link to your unsigned exit interview on the right side of the page. Contact ECSI if you cannot see it.

  • Please note address restrictions for references. Your next of kin may live with you, but your other references may not live with you or with each other. Addresses provided are verified against the USPS database. Providing an invalid address will result in an incomplete exit interview and outstanding holds on your student account will not be lifted until valid reference addresses are provided. Multiple references at the same address will count as one reference and student account holds will not be released until references at different addresses are provided.

  • Follow the directions to complete the exit interview.

  • Save or print the completed document for your records. (The document will also be saved online for later viewing.)

  • Save your login credentials in a secure place.

  • Contact ECSI with questions about navigating the web page, which payment options are free, and what the charges are on other payment options, or if you need help setting up a one time or reoccurring automatic payment from your checking or savings account.

  • Forbearance, deferment, and cancellation benefit applications are processed at the University. Our forms can be found here.

  • Email or call us at 1-800-725-3440 option 3 for payment arrangements, with questions  that are not answered online, or to receive a hard copy form by mail.

ECSI Contact Information:

Phone: 1-888-549-3274
Live chat:
Login page: