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Departmental Accounting



About Us


The Departmental Accounting team provides support to the PSU community by monitoring and tracking outgoing electronic funds transactions, setting up chart of account elements, providing training and support for processing journal vouchers and other accounting-related issues, processing grant budget set-up requests, auditing invoices for payment and preparing quarterly cash transaction reports.


As a unit within Campus Accounting Services, Departmental Accounting supports the University's mission of instruction and research by providing efficient and effective business services for PSU faculty, staff and students. Our goals are to manage and secure PSU material assets, ensure that PSU business transactions are conducted in accordance with all applicable regulations, policies, procedures and sound business practices, and create and nurture a working environment that enables each employee to contribute to the maximum of his/her abilities to the overall mission of the division and Portland State University.

Departmental Accounting Services

  • Audit invoices for payment against contracts (from Facility), and check the availability of funds for payment of invoices
  • Monitor and track outgoing wire transfers
  • Process Inter-institutional JV requests
  • Accounting Chart Element setup: new indexes, funds, organizations, activities
  • Journal Vouchers: approvals, training, related questions

Frequently Used Forms and Procedures

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Staff List

M - F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
MCB 260