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Understanding Cost of Attendance

The PSU Office of Student Financial Aid establishes an estimated cost of attendance for each student, taking the following into consideration:

  • Admissions Type (undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate),
  • Residency (Oregon resident, Non-resident (out of state), Western Undergraduate Exchange),
  • Housing plans (living with parents, on campus/off campus), and
  • Enrollment level (full time, part time)

The cost of attendance establishes a maximum limit for your student financial aid. Although some students receive student financial aid for this entire amount, many students will receive less than this estimated cost of attendance due to federal and state fund limits and fund availability.

Since the cost of attendance is estimated it does not reflect the actual amount that any individual will pay to attend PSU, but rather an average for certain groups of what their costs should be. By default we assume that the average student will attend full-time for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters; if you plan on attending part-time or for less than 3 terms, you will want to notify our office.

Once you have been awarded your estimated cost of attendance will appear in your student account as part of your award acceptance on the "Award Overview" tab.