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Undergraduate Students with 0-45 attempted PSU credits

Who is Affected

Federal financial aid regulations require that students receiving financial aid be monitored for satisfactory academic progress towards the completion of their program of study. All applicants for state and federal student financial aid are evaluated. Recipients of some alternative loans and scholarships also must meet these policy requirements.

What is Evaluated

1. Completion Rate

2. Grade Point Average

3. Maximum Enrollment Limit

4. Multiple Withdraws in One Year

Details of each requirement are given below. You must comply with all four elements listed in this section to be placed in Good Standing for financial aid eligibility.

1. Completion Rate

You must have passing grades for at least 67% of both:

• PSU attempted credits

• Overall attempted credits

Overall attempted credits are PSU attempted credits plus all attempted transfer credits which appear on your grade record, with grades of : A, B, C, D, F, I, IP, M, NP, P, W, or X. Passing grades are courses with grades of: A, B, C, D, or P.

2. Cumulative Grade Point Average

You must maintain at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA for both:

• Overall credits: PSU credits plus all accepted transfer credits

• PSU credits

3. Maximum Enrollment Limit

The Maximum Enrollment Limit is 270 attempted credits. This includes all PSU attempted credits + all accepted transfer attempted credits. You will be immediately placed in Suspended eligibility status if your transcript shows 270 or more attempted credits.

4. Impact of Multiple Withdraws

If you receive federal or state financial aid and then withdraw from all classes within the University’s Add/Drop period two times in an academic year, you will be placed in Suspended eligibility status immediately after the second withdrawal.

When Academic Progress is Evaluated

Your academic records are reviewed at the end of each term of enrollment and your satisfactory academic progress status for the next term will be determined. If you have reached the 270 credit Maximum Enrollment Limit, you will be placed in Suspended eligibility status immediately. If you have a second term of total withdrawal within the Add/Drop period for the academic year, you will be placed in Suspended eligibility status immediately.

Warning Status

If you do not meet the completion rate and/or the GPA requirements, you will be placed in Warning status for the next term of enrollment. If you are in Warning status, you will be eligible to receive available financial aid for one term. However, you must complete an on-line Web Advisor Session within the first two weeks of the term. This session will review the satisfactory academic progress policy and provide resources designed to improve academic standing. If you fail to complete this session within the first two weeks of the term, a hold will be placed on future financial aid disbursements until this session is completed. After your Warning term, disbursements may be delayed while your academic progress is reviewed. If you do not achieve Good Standing by the end of your Warning term, you will be placed in Suspended eligibility status.

Suspended Eligibility Status and Appeals

Students placed in Suspended status are not eligible to receive federal or state financial aid. In addition, some alternative loan and scholarship programs require students to be in Good Standing under satisfactory academic progress guidelines.

If you are in Suspended status, you may submit an appeal in writing to the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships which documents special or unforeseen circumstances that interfered with the completion of your coursework or in meeting any other part of the policy.

Submitting an Appeal

The appeal must include an Academic Plan that will bring you into Good Standing or that will satisfy any remaining requirements to complete your degree.

Appeals must be submitted by the end of the second week of the term. Appeals submitted after the deadline will be reviewed but late petitions may result in the loss of funding for the term. If an appeal is approved, you will be placed in Probation status and will be eligible to receive financial aid.

You must follow this Academic Plan for each term of Probation status until you reach Good Standing. If you do not pass the credits and/or earn the GPA given in the Academic Plan, you will be placed in Suspended status again.

Review your Satisfactory Academic Progress status at

• Select the Student Tab

• In the Financial Aid channel select Progress

• Select the aid year

• Make next selection based on your status:

In Suspended Status?

• Click on the link for the Academic Plan Worksheet. Complete and print the Academic Plan

• Go to your Financial Aid Requirements screen and print the petition

• Meet with an academic advisor to discuss your status and Academic Plan

• Submit the completed petition, with documentation, to Financial Aid

In Probation Status?

• You must meet the requirements listed to continue receiving aid

• Check for more details by clicking on your Financial Aid Status and use the link for Active Messages

In Warning Status?

• Go to your Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements screen

• Click on the Web Advisor and complete the on-line session