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Scholarships and Remissions


Scholarships are free aid to help fund your education. In addition to filing a FAFSA, scholarships have separate applications because they can take into account a variety of student characteristics (eg: academic achievement, financial need, diverse and unique backgrounds, leadership skills, specific majors and career choices, first generation status, service to school and community, or disabilities). Read more about PSU Scholarships.

Fee Remissions

Fee Remissions are a reduction of the costs of your tuition and generally do not cover mandatory fees such as: building, incidental, recreational, and health fees nor do they cover course-specific fees. Most fee remissions require you to enroll full-time. Some remissions do not require filing a FAFSA, and some are available during summer term. The total of your fee remission awards can never exceed your tuition charges. Fee Remissions come in many forms, some of the most common at PSU are graduate assistantships, research assistantships, the Oregon Supplemental Tuition Grant (OSTG), and some scholarships (most notably Presidential, Laurels, and Out of State Opportunity Scholarship). If you have been awarded a fee remission as part of your award, there will be additional information as part of your award acceptance.