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PLUS Loan Information

Parents of dependent students may apply for a Direct PLUS Loan to help pay for their child's education expenses as long as certain eligibility requirements are met. Read more at Direct PLUS Loan Basics for Parents.

Parent Eligibility Requirements for a Direct PLUS loan

You must be the student's biological or adoptive parent or the student's setpparent, if the biological or adoptive parent has remarried.  Your child must be a dependent student who is enrolled at least hald-time (6-8 credits).  For fincial aid purposes, a student is considered dependent if they are under 24, unmarried and have no legal dependents at the time the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is submitted.  Exceptions are made for veterans, wards of court and other special circumstances.  If a student is considered dependent then income and assets of parents must be reported on the FAFSA.