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Financial Aid for Summer Terms

General Policy

Summer term is the end term of the academic year at Portland State University. Students who wish to receive aid for summer 2015 must file a 2014/15 FAFSA; the federal processor must receive the application by June 30, 2015. If summer is your first term of aid, remember that you need to also file the 2015/16 FAFSA for the next school year to continue receiving aid fall 2015 and beyond.

Summer term aid eligibility is based on the amount of financial aid each student had been paid by the end of Spring term. if your payment amounts change after Spring term, it may impact your Summer eligibility. In this case, please drop by our windows in Neuberger Hall, or call us and we will be happy to reexamine your eligibility.

Requests for summer aid should be submitted by June 30, 2015 to insure that aid processing can be completed within federally mandated deadlines.

Students whose first term of admission is summer 2015 will not be required to submit a Summer Aid Request.

Aid Availability for Summer

Funding for summer term is limited to Pell Grant, TEACH Grant and Stafford/PLUS Loans. For more information about these programs visit Types of Aid. Many students will have received their annual maximum amounts from these aid programs during fall, winter and spring terms and will not have any federal aid remaining for summer term. Please read the eligibility requirements for each aid program.

What to do if you have already received your annual eligibility

There are a few options if you have exhausted your federal aid during the fall, winter and/or spring terms. Below are several loan programs which you may wish to pursue to help fund your summer education.

Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
The Parent PLUS loan is a federal loan for parents to borrow on behalf of their dependent student (as defined by financial aid regulations). Please vist our Parent PLUS loan page for more information.

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan for Graduate and Professional Students
The Graduate PLUS loan is a federal loan for independent students attending graduate school. Please visit our loan page for more information.

Alternative/Private Loan Programs

Many lenders offer alternative/private education student loan programs. These are separate from the federal Stafford and PLUS loan programs that PSU administers and are not federally regulated lending programs. It is recommended that all students first apply for federal financial aid before applying for alternative or non-federal funding. The terms/interest rates vary on these loans. For more information on alternative loans, please visit our alternative loan information page.

*If you are not registered for summer classes at the time we certify your loan we may require additional enrollment information.