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Where do first year students live?

All first year students at PSU who want campus housing are required to live in the First Year Experience (FYE).  The First Year Experience (FYE) program is located on the lower floors of the Ondine and Broadway Buildings. Resident Assistants and Learning Communities Assistants reside on the floors of the First Year Experience Program to help first year students get to know one another, the university and the city. Educational and social programs are held regularly, and assistance is available to aid students in navigating the University System.

Students in the FYE program will also be able to select one of five different Themed Housing Community options. These options will surround themes in Health & Wellness, Cultural Diversity & Awareness, Substance/Tobacco Free, Quiet, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math majors. Selection of one of these within FYE will place you on a floor with other students that have similiar interests. For more information, please go to First Year Experience.

Within the First Year Experience, there are three additional Living Learning Communities (LLCs) that first year students can choose from. These LLCs require students on the floor to be enrolled in the same Freshman Inquiry (FRINQ) course. Each course and community has approximately 30 students. This floor also has the benefit of an LCA (Learning Community Assistant) who works with faculty and the course theme to put together course-specific programming. Should you select an LLC within FYE, please keep in mind that upon receiving your housing assignment, you will be enrolled into the corresponding course. Please keep this in mind when registering for classes during Orientation!

FYE FRINQ in Global Leadership: This LLC will explore an examination of 'Leadership' and what it means to be a leader today, across cultural and global perspectives. To participate in this community you will be enrolled in a special edition of the Freshman Inquiry, called "On Democracy" taught my Christopher Carey.

FYE FRINQ in Sustainability: This LLC will teach students more about the practical and theoretical approaches to sustainable living. It will enhance your academic and social experience by encouraging community participation, promotes financial sustainability, and encourages examination of public-private partnerships within the community. To participate in this community you will be enrolled in a special edition of the Freshman Inquiry, called "Sustainability" taught by Jeff Fletcher.

FYE FRINQ in Work of Art: Click here

For a visual diagram of your choices as a first year student, please click here.