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About Us

Mission Statement

Create and maintain an appealing campus environment that contributes to attracting and retaining students, faculty and staff.  


Facilities and Planning Services are the most responsive, technically proficient, effective, and efficient team of employees in the higher education facilities management field. We provide a safe, well maintained campus, accessible to all populations. We continue to embrace the historic significance of the campus by preserving its character and beauty while providing a seamless transition in our facilities to the more modern aspects of the twenty-first century. Through continuously improving our teamwork, communications, and performance, we further and enhance both job and customer satisfaction, as well as personal growth. Our values, philosophy, and work ethic are the foundation of the diverse yet united workforce, which supplies our customers with quality service.

Portland State University strives to maintain a sustainability. Here is some information regarding our sustainability facts within Facilities and Planning.


Facilities and Planning is located in the University Services Building. 

Our main office/reception is located at 202 University Services Building, 617 SW Montgomery Street, Portland, Oregon 97201. 

Phone Number: 503.725.3738


Mailing Address:

Facilities & Planning 

Post Office Box 751 

Portland Oregon, 97207

PSU Shipping Address:

630 SW Mill St.

Portland, OR 97201