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Process Improvement Committee

We need your help to make Portland State better!


Charged by Vice President of Finance and Administration Monica Rimai with improving Portland State business processes with an eye toward reducing paper work burden and enhancing responsiveness, we welcome your input on how to make to Portland State more efficient!

Our Vision Statement: 

To review our business and transactional practices with an eye towards improving responsiveness and reducing the "paperwork" burden on our clients

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Tammy Gomez-University Budget (Co-chair), Noor Delaughn-Financial Services (Co-chair), Kati Falger-University Budget, Chuck Lanham-Office of Information Technology, Molly Bressers-Campus Sustainability, Karen Thomson-Contracting & Procurement Services, Jennifer McLean-Human Resources, Nicholas Running-Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, Vickie Ellig-Facilities, Cathy Kirchner-Financial Services administrative support.

Our purpose is to improve processes across campus for efficiency at a university level and maintain a strong commitment to positive continuous change.  Desired characteristics of the committee are being a change agent, commitment to university improvement and campus wide representation with diverse levels of responsibilities.

The Process Improvement Committee meets approximately every three weeks; review and prioritize each process based on ease of implementation, cost and campus wide impact.  All members take part in researching how the processes can be improved and or streamlined. Collectively the data is reveiwed and an action plan is put into place to implement change . Please join us in these efforts as we continue to improve processes and be more efficient.

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If you have specific questions, or would like to find out how to help in these ongoing efforts, please contact Tammy Gomez ( or Cathy Kirchner (


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