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What are the hosting guidelines set at Portland State University?

Portland State University Hosting Guidelines Summary

Portland State University or an employee of PSU, in the normal conduct of a program/activity, may serve as host for official guests of the institution by paying for their meals, refreshments, transportation or other expenses. Below are the links to the PSU/OUS policies.

Official guests may include:

  • Recruitment candidates
  • Visiting scientists, dignitaries
  • Guest speakers

The approved rates are:

  • Breakfast - $10
  • Lunch - $15
  • Dinner - $30
Rates are per person and include gratuity of up to 15%.
Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.
Original itemized receipts are required.

The following documentation is required for reimbursement:

  • Completed Reimbursement Request form (use Account Code 28612)
  • Original itemized receipt(s)
  • Official Business Purpose, benefit to PSU
  • Names of attendees
  • When hosting a large group (i.e. reception or event) – please attach the announcement and agenda of the gathering – names are not required.
  • Original signatures – NO RUBBER STAMPS!

When in doubt PLEASE CALL Specialized Accounting Services at 503-725-8950.

For more information on PSU Hosting Guidelines, see section 6.080 – Hosting Groups and Official Guests (non-employees) and section 10.160 – Hosting Groups and Official Guests (Account Code 28612) at BAO_guide.

For detailed information on OUS Hosting Guidelines, see FASOM 13.01G[2] at