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Constitutional Standing Committees

*Annual committee rosters and the constitutional description of the charge for each committee may be found in the Faculty Governance Guide.  (See the left menu bar under Useful Links.)


Standing Committees appointed by the Committee on Committees*


Academic Requirements Committee


The Academic Requirements Committee develops and recommends to the Faculty Senate policies regarding undergraduate admissions and degree requirements. The committee also adjudicates student petitions regarding non-major baccalaureate degree requirements and related issues such as credit loads and transfer credits.




Budget Committee


The Budget Committee makes recommendations regarding the university budget and the budget process, including reviewing proposals and budgetary priorities.


*Committee on Committees

Members elected from among senators from each Senate division. The Committee on Committees appoints the members of all standing University committees in the Faculty Governance Guide, unless specifically exempted.

Educational Policy Committee 

The Educational Policies Committee makes recommendations on educational polices and planning for the University.

Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the Provost on awards to faculty, including Faculty Enhancement Grants and Professional Travel Grants.

General Student Affairs Committee

The General Student Affairs Committee serves in an advisory capacity to administrative officers relating to non-academic, student-focused matters of student affairs.  The committee is able to conduct policy and other reviews and make recommendations to the administration.  Committee members participate in the review of applications and selection of the winners of the President's Awards each spring term.


Graduate Council

The Graduate Council develops and recommends University policies and establishes procedures and regulations for graduate studies.   It also reviews changes to courses and programs in the graduate curriculum, as well as acting on graduate-student petitions.



Honors Council The Honors Council develops and recommends University policies and establishes general procedures and regulations for the University Honors Program and departmental honors tracks.

Intercollegiate Athletics BoardThe Intercollegiate Athletics Board serves as the institutional advisory body to the President and the Faculty Senate in the development of and adherence to policies and budgets governing the University’s program in men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletics.


Library Committee

The Library Committee advises the University Librarian on policies concerning the library budget, collections, services and the use of space; acts as an advocate for the library on behalf of the Faculty Senate; makes recommendations on the principles guiding library acquisition; and acts as a liaison to faculty and students.


Scholastic Standards Committee

The Scholastic Standards Committee adjudicates petitions in regards to changes to a student's academic record and recommends academic policies and standards that maintain the academic integrity of the University transcript.


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate concerning the approval of all new courses and undergraduate programs.  In addition, the committee provides comment on trends and patterns in undergraduate curriculum evolution at PSU.


University Studies Council

The University Studies Council makes policy recommendations related to University Studies (PSU’s general education program).


University Writing Committee

The University Writing Committee makes recommendations to the Dean, Provost, and Faculty Senate on improving writing instruction and assessing the teaching and learning of writing across the university, and on such matters as writing placement, guidelines, and staffing for teaching writing in UNST, WIC, and composition courses.