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Administrative Committees

The Committee on Committees shall make recommendations to the President concerning the membership and chairpersons of all committees established by administrative action and ensure divisional representation as appropriate. Administrative committees are those established by the President and charged by him or her with a specific assignment on a continuing basis for periods of one or more years. —from Article IV, Section 4.1 Faculty Constitution

Rosters and brief descriptions for all committees may be found in the current Faculty Governance Guide (see Useful links menu.)

Administrative Committee Descriptions

Academic Advising Council

The Academic Advising Council promotes a positive and productive advising environment for advisors and students. Members will be responsible for reviewing the current status of advising and making recommendations on best practices regarding policies and processes related to academic advising campus-wide.

Academic Appeals Board

The Academic Appeals Board hears appeals from students who claim to have received prejudiced or capricious academic evaluation, and makes recommendations on cases to the Provost. Due to the nature of its work, the Board does not hold hearings without at least one of the three student members able to attend.  As such, filling student positions is essential to the Board's work.

Campus Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Committee – CURRENTLY INACTIVE

The Campus Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Committee will review, develop, and recommend policy concerning alcohol and drugs at PSU.

Campus Safety Committee

The Campus Safety Committee is responsible for recommendations to management regarding the workplace safety and health of all university employees.

Child Development and Family Services Advisory Board

The Child Development and Family Services Advisory Board advises on policy matters related to the Helen Gordon Child Development Center, such as guidelines on ethical standards for research on children, staffing, budgeting, part fee schedules, etc.

Graduation Program Board

The Graduation Program Board advises the President, Provost, and Commencement coordinator on policies and planning for University graduation ceremonies.

Institutional Assessment Council

The Institutional Assessment Council promotes and oversees the continued implementation of assessment across the campus, working closely with three offices: Instructional and Undergraduate Studies; Institutional Research and Planning; and the Center for Academic Innovation. It creates guidelines for assessment planning and implementation that reflect student learning at the program, department, and institutional level. It oversees the implementation of key learning goals for institutional assessment. The IAC serves as the review mechanism for assessment on campus and coordinates with the assistant and associate deans group the implementation of systemic annual reporting by schools and colleges.

Institutional Review Board


The Institutional Review Board regulates PSU research activities involving human subjects and provides independent determination on the methods, risks, benefits, and rights involved in human subject research.


Internationalization Council

The Internationalization Council (IC) works to improve international engagement for all of the PSU community. As a significant part of our mission, the IC provides guidance for the development of a learning environment in which students are prepared for global citizenship, whether via the curriculum, study abroad, contact with international students and faculty, or by other means.

Publications/Student Media Board

The Publications/Student Media Board establishes fiscal and editorial guidelines for all student publications, appoints all key personnel, and review their performance.

Student Conduct Committee

The Dean of Student Life Office is responsible for acting on reports of student misconduct as described in the Portland State University Student Conduct Code. If a review by the senior conduct officer confirms that a code violation has occurred, a formal charge may be issued to a student. Students who receive a formal charge may be referred to a hearing before the Student Conduct Committee.

Traffic [Citation] Appeals Board

The Traffic Appeals Board is responsible for ruling on petitions for waiver or reduction of citations and fines imposed under PSU Parking and Traffic Regulations.

University HIV Committee - CURRENTLY INACTIVE