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PSU Faculty Senate archives at the PSU Library.



Promotion and Tenure Revisions to add New Fauclty Ranks: Final Version (April 7, 2014)

Adhoc Prioritization Review Report -- April Senate Presentation Slides

Academic Program Prioritization Ad Hoc Committee Report

Resources for Considering Academic Program Array/Prioritization Review:

1. Approaches at specific campuses:
 Washington State University, Academic Affairs Program Prioritization:

PDF with links to other institutions, including Cleveland State, Indiana State, Kansas State, ...., and recent articles compiled by Idaho State University.

2.  Idaho State Board of Education guidelines for review:  


2013-2014 Faculty Governance Guide

Faculty Senate Districts

Faculty Senate Districts Summary

Rethinking Credit for Prior Learning at PSU - Oct 2013

Proposed Changes to PSU's Consensual Relationships Policy- Oct 2013

Board of Trustees Presentation - Oct 2013

Draft Language for including New Ranks in the P &T Guidelines - Nov 2013

2012-2013 Faculty Governance Guide (revised 2/22/2013)

PSU's Email Communication Policy


Senate Motions on policies regarding Faculty Ranks and Attribution of Student Credit Hours - Mar-Apr 2013

Oregon Administrative Rule 580-0020-0005 - Faculty Rank

OUS Survey of Faculty Satisfaction 2012

Faculty Senate Districts

Portland State University Policies

Current Official OUS PSU Comparator list

Jay Kenton's presentation on ORP and Health & Wellness - Oct 012

New Academic Ranks Task Force Final Report - Nov 2012

Statement of the Minority of the New Faculty Ranks Task Force - Nov 2012

Internationalization Council 2011-2012 Year-end Report (dated June 2012) - Nov 2012


Adhoc Committee on On-Line Learning Interim Report - May 2011

Library Committee Annual Report - May 2011

A Holistic Approach to Strategic Institutional Development - April 2011

OAR Academic Ranks (Revision)

2011-12 Faculty Governance Guide 2nd Ed

Faculty Perspective on Restructuring OUS

Delta Project Trends in Spending

2011-14 PSU Strategic Plan


2010-11 Faculty Governance Guide

OHSU - PSU Strategic Partnership Task Force Final Report - Oct 2010

Minimum Class Size Policy - OCT 2009


LTIFS Final Report - July 2009