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Facilities and Property Management supports the University’s Climate Action Plan and goal of reaching a 75% diversion rate by 2015.

The following sites will assist your effort in supporting these goals:

Construction Salvage & Recycling Toolkit 2011 Recycling Guide

What Can Be Recycled?

Weekly Glass & Mixed Recycling Schedule


Outdoor Compost Bin Locations

Below are locations where you can dispose of your office compost. Note that Facilities & Planning can provide you with compost bin liners. You may request that bin liners be delivered to you by submitting a work order at:

  • ASRC loading dock
  • Blumel Hall across from Meetro Café
  • Broadway Housing trash/recycling area
  • FAB trash/recycling area on 4th Ave.
  • Helen Gordon Child Development Center
  • K-House alleyway on Montgomery St. next to USB
  • MCB caged area in parking garage level B2
  • Millar Library south side near trash corral
  • OND caged area on upper parking level
  • SMSU loading dock
  • URBN loading dock on Mill St.


Toner Collection: Used toner cartridges may be returned to FPM Mailroom via campus mail. Please label the cartridge box “FPM Mailroom, used toner” and place it with your outgoing mail.

Styrofoam/Other Specialty Items: For other items, please call the Sustainability Recycling Coordinator at campus extension 5-4300.