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Lea Ann Holder
Lea Ann Holder

Role: Assistant Director of the Child Welfare Education Program; Instructor/Coordinator/Adviser, Child Welfare Program/Culturally Responsive Leaders Program; Instructor, Campus Program Advisor, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services

Education: MSW, LSCW; BS Sociology

Experience: Child Welfare Programs, Supervisor, Indian Child Welfare, crisis intervention/trauma therapy. Policy development for Native American permanency planning/family preservation, tribal foster home recruitment, NASW Diversity/Case Management Council, Indian Child Welfare Advisory Council.

Interests: Indian Child Welfare, family preservation, culturally resilient theories for Native Americans/ Alaskan Natives, multigenerational trauma, domestic/family violence, Native American/tribal education/independent living models for teens/young adults.

Teaching Areas: Indian Child Welfare policies, practice and procedures; National Trauma Network/ American Indians, social work/family/tribal engagement

Contact Information: 725-8018