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Graduate Alumni

Skye Anderson, MSc (Podrabsky Lab).  Skye now works as an Biology Instructor at Oregon Community Coast College in Lincoln City, OR.

Garrrett, Ian, MSc (Podrabsky Lab).  Ian is currently working at the Oregon Heath and Sciences University.

Daniel Hassumani, MSc (Buckley Lab).  Dan is currently attending medical school in Grenada.

Andy McCracken, MSc (Podrabsky Lab).  Andy now works for Kimberly-Clark Corporation in San Antonio, TX.

Jason Maxfield, MSc (Rosenstiel Lab).  Jason is a senior research assistant at the USFS Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center.

Greg Silver, MSc (Podrabsky Lab).  Greg presently works for USFN.

Isaac Sleadd, PhD (Buckley Lab).  Isaac is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of North Alabama.

Nilesh Vaidya, PhD (Lehman Lab).  Nilesh presently works as a post-doctoral research scientist in the lab of Dr. Cliff Brangwynne at Princeton University.

Undergraduate Alumni

Carmen Brown (Bartlett Lab).  Graduated with a BS in 2013.

Tracy Cheevers (Reysenbach Lab).  Graduated with a BS in 2012, currently in the Peace Corps in Africa.

Holly Corbitt (Bartlett Lab).  Graduated with a BS in 2012, currently attending graduate school at OHSU.

Isaac Elkhal (Lehman Lab).  Graduated with a BC, currently working and applying to medical schools.

Uyen Nguyen (Reysenbach Lab).  Graduated with a BS in 2013, currently working for OSHU and applying to dental schools.

Mandy Slate (Rosenstiel Lab).  Graduated with a BS in 2012, currently enrolled in a graduate program at Colorado State.

Devon Thompson (Iwata-Reuyl Lab).  Graduated with a BC, currently attending medical school at Washington University.