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Social Sustainability Colloquium
Friday, January 30, 2015 - 2:00pm

Fridays, 2-4 p.m.
ASRC (Rec Center Building), Room 620 (Please note Room Change!)
1800 SW 6th Avenue
Free and open to the public

Friday - Oct 24

Citizen’s Initiative Review Showcase: Healthy Democracy, Oregon and Beyond!

Ballot measures in Oregon have a major impact on the state, but 75% of voters say they find them too complicated to understand. Join us for a conversation about the initiative system and two issues on the ballot: Measure 90 (top two primary) and Measure 92 (GMO labeling).

In 2009, the Oregon legislature created the Citizens’ Initiative Review, a new way to inform voters about the measures they’ll be voting on. The reviews bring 20 randomly selected and demographically balanced Oregonians together and give them four days to study a measure. The results are published in the official Voters’ Guide.

Join Citizens’ Initiative Review participants and staff and Policy Consensus Initiative Executive Director Wendy Willis to learn how this unique deliberative process guides everyday citizens through a process of gathering information, questioning campaigns and experts, and developing a report for voters.

Lucy Greenfield, Director of Development & Public Affairs, Healthy Democracy Oregon, and Wendy Willis, Director of the Policy Consensus Initiative and Director of Research and Development for the National Policy Consensus Center.  



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THIS YEAR, 2014 – Celebrating 10 YEARS of Social Sustainability Colloquium conversations!! 

Oct 31  AASHE Conference Highlights (and sample presentations)

Fall 2014 Schedule

Oct 10 - OUR ENVIRONMENTAL HANDPRINT – THE GOOD WE DO Jon R. Biemer and Willow Sage Dixon

Oct 17 - Jeff Goebel – SHIFT HAPPENS, RAPIDLY: TWO CRITICAL ELEMENTS IN CLIMATE CHANGE (Intro to Empowering Communities) ASRC 660

Oct 24 - Citizen’s Initiative Review Showcase: Healthy Democracy, Oregon and Beyond! ASRC 620

Oct 31 - Presenting AASHE conference highlights (and sample presentations) ASRC 660

Nov 7 - Learning Gardens Laboratory, Lettuce Grow, and Growing Gardens   Denissia Withers, Rima Green, and more!! ASRC 660

Nov 14 - Innovation in Education – through Design Thinking!   Gina Condon, Construct Foundation, ASRC 620

Nov 21  - GPSEN: Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network, a UNU Regional Center of Expertise - A World Tour and more updates   Kim Smith, Jamie Stamberger ASRC 660 

Nov 28 - Thanksgiving weekend

Dec 5 - Challenges in Creating Sustainable Communities, Update on Work in Australia   Larry O’Connor  ASRC 620