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Middle East Studies Center Lecture Series: The Iraqi Refugee Experience
Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 7:00pm
Middle East Studies Center Lecture Series: The Iraqi Refugee Experience

Smith Memorial Student Union, Cascade Room (236), 1825 SW Broadway

This talk will focus on displacement and the psychological and socioeconomic conditions that influence the transition of Iraqi refugees in Portland.

Baher Bhutti earned his PhD in Psychiatry from Baghdad University. He worked in Iraq as a psychiatrist, activist, and prolific writer until 2006 when his community activism made him a target of the emerging Iraqi militias. He found refuge in Portland, Oregon in 2007, was joined by his wife and children by 2009, and has since been working as a counselor, Iraqi refugee advocate, and community activist. In addition to working for the Lutheran Community Services, he serves on the Boards of the Center for Intercultural Organizing, Arab-Americans Cultural Center of Oregon, Advisory committee of Colored Pencils Art group, and is the founder of the Iraqi Society of Oregon.

Moderated by Yasmeen Hanoosh,  Assistant Professor of Arabic Language and Literature, Portland State University. She received her PhD in Arabic Language and Literature from the University of Michigan (2008) and specializes in the literatures and history of ethno-religious minorities in the Middle East, and also in Arabic literary translation.

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Co-sponsored with Better-Life USA and the Iraqi Society of Oregon this event is free and open to the public