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Film: The Cave of the Yellow Dog
Sunday, May 13, 2007 - 3:00pm
A Mongolian nomad family find themselves in disagreement when the oldest daughter, Nansal, finds a dog and brings it home. Believing that it is responsible for attacking his sheep, her father refuses to allow her to keep it. When it's time for the family to move on, Nansal must decide whether to defy her father and take her new friend with them. Oscar-nominated director Byambasuren's follow up to the hugely successful THE STORY OF THE WEEPING CAMEL is a thought provoking mix of documentary and drama that tells the story of the age-old bond between man and dog, a bond which experiences a new twist through the eternal cycle of reincarnation in Mongolia. -- (c) Tartan Films

What: The Cave of the Yellow Dog (2005) Byambasuren Davaa
Format: 35mm Film
When: May 11-12 @ 7pm and 9:30pm, May 13 @ 3pm
Where: 5th Ave Cinema, 510 SW Hall St. @ PSU
Admission: Free for PSU Students, Faculty and Staff with ID; $2 for Other Students, Seniors and Children; $3 General Admission

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