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Prospective Certificate in Hydrology


The Graduate Certificate of Hydrology is designed to give students advanced training in hydrology, and leads to professional certification with the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH).

Trained hydrologic professionals are necessary to solve problems concerning drinking water supplies, stream habitat and water supply requirements for important aquatic organisms, the variability of climate and its effect on water supplies and hazards, and the threat posed to all these resources by industrial, agricultural and domestic contamination and overuse.

Employment possibilities include federal, state and local governmental agencies; commercial and industrial corporations in the private sector; and private consulting firms knowledgeable in hydrogeologic regulations, wetland mitigations, environmental regulations, flood prediction, pollution abatement and bioremediation, environmental site audits, and regulatory compliance. 

This Certificate program enhances professional development and can put students in a better position either to pursue a graduate degree and/or to pursue certification as a professional hydrologist with the AIH. A student earning a Graduate Certificate in Hydrology achieves a significant proportion of educational requirements and satisfies all primary hydrology coursework for qualification as a member of the AIH.


Program Goals

The goals of this Certificate program are:
o    A conceptual foundation surface hydrology, hydrogeology and water quality.
o    Competence in solving quantitative and qualitative hydrologic problems.
o    Completion of primary hydrological education requirements for certification as a Professional Hydrologist with AIH.

Admission Requirements

All PSU Graduate Certificate programs require admission by the University.  Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 in all undergraduate courses. Applicants with cumulative undergraduate GPAs between 2.50 and 2.74 may be considered for conditional admission only.

Admission requirements for this Graduate Certificate include 8 undergraduate credits each in physics, chemistry and calculus. No prior coursework in hydrology is necessary for admission.

If you are a new student interested in applying to the Hydrology Certificate Program, you must submit the following to the department:

1) Hydrology Certificate Application

2) Copies of transcripts of university and college work

In addition, you must apply to PSU Admissions

If you are currently a graduate student at PSU, you must submit the following:

1) Hydrology Certificate Application 

2) Use a GO 19M or D to add a certificate program (line out "standard" and write in "graduate").  Submit form to the Office of Grad Studies.  Once the form has been processed by the OGS, you will receive a copy back from them for your records.

There is no additional fee for currently admitted students.


NOTE: There are two application periods for the Hydrology Certificate program: April 1 (for a Summer start date) and October 1 (for a Winter start date). 

Department of Education Mandated Certificate Program Information

Course Requirements

Course requirements for this Certificate include successful completion of one of three surface hydrology core courses (4 credits total); one of two hydrogeology core courses (4 credits total); one of three water quality core courses (4 credits total); an additional Category I course (4 credits total); and two Category II courses (8 credits total), for 24 total credits.


The Graduate Certificate in Hydrology is an interdisciplinary program centered in the PSU Environmental Science Masters Program. It is affiliated with the PSU Departments of Civil Engineering, Geology, Geography, Biology and Physics.

Relationship to PSU Graduate Programs

Courses completed for this Graduate Certificate may be applied toward graduate degrees at PSU provided they meet the appropriate standards for use in the degree, including acceptable grades, and completion within seven years of the master’s degree award.

For more information contact: Alan Yeakley (Faculty Coordinator)