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Geography minor in Water Resources Geography minor in Water Resources
The Minor in Water Resources offers broad training in spatial perspectives of sociopolitical and biophysical dimensions of water resource issues at local, regional, national, and international scales.
Forests, Climate Change, and the Future Forests, Climate Change, and the Future
Dr. Robert Scheller develops models of future forests accounting for the effects of climate change and other factors to improve land management practices.
Studying Freshwater Ecosystems Studying Freshwater Ecosystems
Dr. Angela Strecker and her Students examine the effects of anthropogenic stressors on aquatic ecosystems.
Water Sustainability Water Sustainability
Dr. Heejun Chang's collaborative water research examines the complex factors involved in changing hydrologic systems and provides governments, policy makers, and resource managers the data and tools to develop plans to address the growing demand on fresh water supplies.
Between Land and Sea Between Land and Sea
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Dr. Elise Granek's research focuses on some of the most delicate habitats on the globe: places where land and sea meet. Some of her resent research has made waves across the highly caffeinated Northwest.
Meet Professor Alan Yeakley Meet Professor Alan Yeakley
Director of the School of the Environment
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Angela Strecker Meet Professor Angela Strecker
Director of the Strecker Aquatic Ecology Lab
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Robert Scheller Meet Professor Robert Scheller
Director of the Dynamic Ecosystems and Landscape Lab
Faculty Member
Meet Professor John Rueter Meet Professor John Rueter
SOE Directer returns to teaching
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Yangdong Pan Meet Professor Yangdong Pan
Chair of Environmental Science & Management
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Joe Maser Meet Professor Joe Maser
Preserving our wetlands
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Elise Granek Meet Professor Elise Granek
Preserving marine biodiversity
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Jeff Gerwing Meet Professor Jeff Gerwing
Making sustainability education available for all students
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Marion Dresner Meet Professor Marion Dresner
Encouraging citizen participation in environmental science.
Faculty Member
School of the Environment School of the Environment
Meet Professor Bill Fish Meet Professor Bill Fish
Heavy metal clean-up
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Cat De Rivera Meet Professor Cat De Rivera
Biological invasion warrior
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Linda George Meet Professor Linda George
Dr. Linda George recently honored with NSF position.
Faculty Member
History Beneath Our Feet: The Cobblestones in the Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza History Beneath Our Feet: The Cobblestones in the Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza
Student Project
Dave Ervin Dave Ervin
Seed Science - Assessing the impact of biotech on farming
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Mark Sytsma Meet Professor Mark Sytsma
When aliens invade our waters, Mark Sytsma fights back.
Faculty Member