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The Winter 2014 issue of the ESM E-Newsletter can be found here.


Dr. David Ervin

Dr. Dave Ervin co-authored “Commercial Science, Scientists’ Values, and University Biotechnology Research Agenda” in Research Policy that has received the Fred Buttel Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award for 2013 by the Rural Sociological Society.


Ecosystem Services for Urbanizing Regions (ESUR)
PIs: David Ervin (ESM), Elise Granek (ESM), Darrell Brown (BA), Heejun Chang (GEOG), Veronica Dujon (SOC), Vivek Shandas (USP) and Alan Yeakley (ESM).
Funding: $3 million

Cascades To Coast GK-12: Enhancing STEM Education through Environmental Sustainability
PIs: Linda George (ESM), Sherry Cady (GEOL), Catherine deRivera (ESM), Marion Dresner (ESM), Elise Granek (ESM), Christina Hulbe(GEOL), Carl Wamser (CHEM)
Funding: $2.7 Million (NSF), $100K (Miller Award)

Collaborative Research: How do Feedbacks between Governance and Biophysical Systems Affect Resilience of Urban Socio-Ecological Systems?
PIs: J. Alan Yeakley (ESM), Connie Ozawa (USP), Vivek Shandas (USP), Heejun Chang (Geog), Marion Dresner (ESM)
Funding: $184K (PSU portion) National Science Foundation (total grant is $300K, collaborative with OSU and WSU)

Interactive Teaching Material for Understanding Ecological Response from Climate Change in Urban Forests
PIs: Marion Dresner, Catherine DeRivera, Heejun Chang
Funding: $174,871.00

Transit Effects on Ship Fouling Communities: Condition, Reproductive Status, Viability and Establishment Risk
PIs: Ian Davidson, Greg Ruiz
Funding: $175,000 from California State Lands Commission

Green Crab Control Methods, Phase 3: Expanding Capacity to Control European Green Crab Populations in the Northeast Pacific
PIs: Catherine de Rivera, GM Ruiz, ED Grosholz, MD Sytsma
Funding: $130,000 from Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Integrated Multimodal Transportation, Air Quality, and Livability Corridor Study: Measuring, Understanding, And Modeling The Interactions Between Traffic, Transit, Traffic Signals, and Emissions
PIs: Miguel Figliozzi (CEE), Linda George (ESM), Ashley Haire (CEE), Chris Monsere (CEE)
Funding: $100K Oregon Transportation, Research and Education Consortium

Socio-economic and Ecological Assessment of Coral Reef Resource Use and Management in the Comoros Islands: Developing a Framework for Adaptive Management in Developing Countries
PIs: Elise Granek, Veronica Dujon (Soc) Sarah Freed (PhD student- ESR)
Funding: $25K - National Geographic Conservation Trust, $5K- National Geographic Conservation Trust Supplemental Funds, $25K - Sea World/Busch Gardens Conservation Fund

Management Options for Reducing Wildfire Risk and Maximizing Carbon Storage under Future Climate Changes, Ignition Patterns, and Forest Treatments
PIs: Robert Scheller (ESM)
Funding: $ 240K Sierra Nevada Public Lands Management Act

Ca and temperature effects on quagga mussel growth
PIs: Mark Sytsma (ESM)
Funding: $172,186

Field evaluation of the service life of foul-release coatings in Columbia River
PIs: Mark Sytsma
Funding: $268,938

Pacific Northwest Nutria Management
PIs: Mark Sytsma
Funding: $130,755

Invasive Aquatic Plants and Biosecurity Plan for Micronesia
PIs: Mark Sytsma
Funding: $300,710

Vegetation and Faunal Habitat Quality in Urban Riparian Areas in the Portland Metro Region
PI: J. Alan Yeakley (ESM)
Funding: $102K U.S. Forest Service