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Bushby Graduate Travel Award

The Bushby family established an endowment for the support of outstanding graduate students in our program. Please submit the online application available at for travel to present at a professional conference or meeting. Applications are due March 1 for travel April 1- September 30 , by June 1 for travel July 1 – December 31; and by September 1 for travel October 1 – March 31. For travel at other times, please see the Dunnette Graduate Travel Award.


Previous recipients of the Bushby Graduate Travel Award:

Matthew Paroulek (Fall 2013)

Meenakshi Rao (Fall 2013)

Sarah Kidd (Summer 2013)

Jacinda Mainord (Spring 2013)

Brian Turner (Spring 2013)

Jodi Schoenen (Fall 2012)

Amy Truitt (Spring 2012)

Matthew Duveneck (Summer 2012)

Kerissa Fuccillo (Summer 2012)

Choo Chee Kuang (Summer 2012)

Aileen Miller (Summer 2012)