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Get Ready

Congratulations to all of our students preparing to join us! We look forward to meeting you in person.

Meanwhile, we want to help you get ready for your transition to the Intensive English Language Program. In this section you will find helpful information about:

Important Dates

  Summer 2014 Fall 2014 Winter 2015 Spring 2015
New Student Placement Test June 18 September 24 January 5 March 25
New Student Orientation June 19 September 25 January 6 March 26
IELP Schedule Pick-Up Day June 23 September 29 January 7 March 30
Classes begin June 24 September 30 January 8 March 31
Last day of term August 14 December 10 March 19 June 10

Please plan to arrive at least one week before the start of the term. All new IELP students must take the placement test, register, and attend classes during the first week of the term.

New students who cannot arrive in Portland for the placement test are required to update their admission to the next term. Students holding F-1 visas in this situation must not travel to the U.S., as they will violate the terms of their F-1 student visa status. To update your admission to the next term, contact the IELP Admissions Coordinator at