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Fire and Life Safety

Fire and life safety programs at Portland State University create and maintain a fire safe environment for faculty, staff and students. This is done through regular fire inspections with the fire marshal’s office, emergency evacuation planning, work place safety evaluations, ADA needs evaluations, and Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). 

Fire Inspections

Every two (2) years all PSU buildings receive a fire inspection from the Portland Fire Marshal’s Office. You can do your part by keeping your work place clutter free and fire safe. Some of the most common violations are as follows:

  • Do not use extension cords in place of permanent wiring.
  • Power strips that are chained together are not allowed.
  • Multi-plugged adaptors are also not allowed.
  • Do not prop open fire doors with door wedges. Please contact this office with questions concerning fire doors.
  • All exit signs must be illuminated. If you should find one requiring repair, please call 5-2FIX or submit a work order.
  • Remove any unnecessary combustibles from exit hallways.
  • Make sure all outlets have cover plates on them.
  • Maintain 30” clearance in front of electrical panels.

Emergency Evacuation Plans

 Every building on campus has unique needs and requires its own emergency plan. Visit the Fire Warden page to learn more about evacuation plans.  
For more emergency planning resources, visit PSU Emergency Management

Fire Safety Evaluation

If you have questions on fire safety or are concerned about your work place safety, please contact EHS for an evaluation.  

See Fire Prevention for Everyone for tips on keeping your workplace fire-safe.
Watch College Fire Survival 101 for ideas and plans related to campus fire safety. 

AED Program

The PSU AED Program was created to support the many AEDs located in many PSU buildings.   For more information on this program, including locations and liability rules, click here.

ADA and Emergencies


Miguel Bautista
Fire & Life Safety Officer
Portland State University 
Phone: 503-725-3738
Fax: 503-725-4329