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Continuing Administrator License (CAL) - Program of Study

CAL Curriculum (28 credits)

The program requires the completion of 28 credits.*  This includes:

  • CAL licensure courses (24 credits)
  • Electives (4 credits)

The curriculum for this program is offered during the academic year and summer sessions. During the academic year, courses will be offered on the east and west sides of the Portland metropolitan area, on campus, in Salem, and occasionally online. Courses will also be offered during the summer throughout the Portland Metro Area and online.

Prior admission to the Continuing Administrator License program is recommended before registering for any of these courses.

CAL Program of Study

CAL Courses (24 credits)

  • ELP 576 Education, Community and Society (4)
  • ELP 577 District and School Staff Supervision and Evaluation (4)
  • ELP 578 Communication and Conflict Management in Educational Organizations (4)
  • ELP 579 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Leadership (4)
  • ELP 580 District Policy, Operations, Facilities and Finance (4)
  • ELP 581 U.S. and Oregon School Law and Policy (4)

CAL Electives (4 credits)

Students need four credits of ELP 506, including a 30-hour district-level practicum for the CAL license. Electives may be completed as a regularly scheduled graduate-level course or as an independent project. The CAL special topics change frequently.

  • ELP 506 Special Topics: Administration (4)
  • ELP 506 CAL Elective: Independent Project (1-4)

ELP 506 Special Topics and Independent Project courses must focus on issues of district-level administration and reflect the TSPC Continuing Licensure standards including a 30-hour field-based project.pdf Independent Project courses must be approved and designed according to the Independent Project Guidelinespdf available through a faculty advisor or the Program Coordinator, Susan Carlile, at 503-309-4883 or Students who are in Salem or Southern Oregon should contact Dan Johnson at 503-559-4646 or

Each course has an integrated 30-hour district-focused field-based project. Instructors for each course will provide guidelines for these projects. A Field-Based Project Form must be completed for each course and submitted to the instructor. This form will be added to the student's permanent record through Tk20.

*It is possible to substitute program courses based on past experience and study. However, the 28-credit requirement must still be met. To have a course substituted for a CAL requirement, you must submit a Petition for Course Substitutionpdf and indicate which course you believe is comparable, provide an official transcript AND also a syllabus or catalog description of the course taken. This process should only be initiated after a faculty advisor has been consulted. Modifications to this program may be made as a result of changes in the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) regulations.