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Continuing Administrator License (CAL) - Courses

CAL courses are offered on a rotating basis each academic year. Students should map out the order in which they plan to take their CAL classes to make sure that the courses students need are offered when they want to take them.

Formal admission into the CAL program is highly recommended, though you may take classes without it. Formal admission is required for licensure. Student must be formally admitted before completion of courses.

Course Cr. F W SP SU
ELP 576 Education, Community, and Society 4 X      X 
ELP 577 District and School Staff Supervision and Evaluation 4   X   X
ELP 578 Communication and Conflict Management in Educational Organizations 4     X X
ELP 579 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Leadership 4 X     X
ELP 580 District Policy, Operations, Facilities, and Finance 4  


  X X
ELP 581 U.S. and Oregon School Law and Policy 4     X
ELP 506 Special Topics 1-4 X X X X
ELP 506 Independent Project 1-4 X X X X

Click here for the 2014-2015 summer online and hybrid CAL course schedule. 

CAL courses and electives

Portland Metro Area schedule of classes
Select Educational Leadership & Policy in the drop down menu. CAL courses are numbered from 576 to 581, and electives are numbered 506.

Mid-Willamette Valley (Salem) schedule of classes


Course descriptions

For information about online courses, click here.