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Presentations and Executive Summaries

The following presentations were given at the June 15, 2010, Smart Grid Interactive Conference.

What is the Smart Grid and how can it support a more sustainable society?

Allan Schurr, IBM Vice President for Strategy and Development, Global Energy and Utilities 

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Battery Storage for a Smarter Grid:  The case of Portland General Electric's Feeder Advanced Storage Transaction (FAST) Project.

The “Ever-Ready” Student Team (Naresh Bokka, Michael Broda, Rajin Kanth Roddy (RK) Karduri, Anil Palliboina, Cynthia Kan, Ken Nichols, Victor Shestakov)   

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Opportunities for the Smart Grid to Integrate with and Support EcoDistricts and District Energy System: The case of the proposed North Pearl Energy Project and Portland State University’s EcoDistrict Project.

The “Sludgehammer” Student Team (Fletcher Beaudoin, Bill Henry, Sam Henry, Ross Lancaster, Alexi Miller)

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Portland’s electric vehicles Future: A look at the business, technological, and policy potential for electric vehicle adoption.

The “Green Wheels” Student Team (Matthew Hayes, Danielle Côté-Schiff Kolp, Alex Lopez, John Prohodsky, Jeremiah Thompson)

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Austin’s Pecan Street Project: One model for integrating the Smart Grid into a comprehensive sustainable development strategy

Jose Beceiro, Board Member, Austin’s Pecan Street Project, and Director of Clean Energy Economic Development, Austin Chamber of Commerce

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