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Public Safety Programs

The Executive Leadership Institute offers three programs for public safety professionals:

  • Public Safety Executive Development Program (Command College)
  • Mid-Management Leadership Development Program
  • Supervision in the Public Sector

Public Safety Executive Development Program

This course is targeted toward mid and senior level public safety managers.  The focus is on the leadership process and provides participants with a multi-frame systems view of organizational leadership.  An emphasis is placed on the leader-manger's role within the organizational context. 

Key topics discussed are:

  • Creating and developing support for leadership vision;
  • Transforming the vision into an organizational legacy;
  • Focusing on the distinctive roles and responsibilities of the leader as an agent of the organization within the larger community setting;
  • Organizational design and feedback;
  • Communication processes;
  • Work design and motivation;
  • Leading in a power-shared environment;
  • Political and symbolic aspects of leadership;
  • Authentic leadership; and
  • Crisis leadership.

This course may count as electives on DPSST Form-22 and/or continuing education/maintenance credits.

Cost: $3,000 per participant

10 day-long course, meeting every Monday from March 28-June 6, 2011. (No class on May 30, 2011)

Meeting location to be determined.

Continuing and/or maintenance education – 80 hours

6 graduate credit hours included in price. Graduate credits are directly transferrable into PSU’s Executive MPA program as course numbers PA518 (Leading a Public Organization) and PA540 (Administering the Organization).


Public Safety Mid-Management Leadership Development Program

This core leadership development course is targeted to newly promoted mid-level managers. Major themes include:

  • Leadership at the individual level. Topics include self-awareness focused on improving communication; understanding and applying influence; and improving decision- making.
  • Leadership within the organization. Topics include developing and deploying managerial and technical competence to get the job done by: managing conflicts; selecting and orienting new employees; managing agency performance; establishing an ethical work climate, and successfully addressing constitutional and legal issues.
  • Leading a public organization. Topics include gaining and applying an understanding of what makes public organizations unique; and improving organizational performance through the application of sound strategic planning, forecasting, civic engagement, and change management.    

This course meets and exceeds the 40-hour core competency requirements for middle management as specified in DPSST form F-22.

Cost: $1,500 per participant

5 day-long course, meeting every Monday from November 15- December 13, 2010.

Meeting location to be determined.

mandated or continuing education
training – 40 hours

3 credit hours at graduate or
undergraduate level included in price. Graduate level credit is directly transferrable into PSU’s Executive MPA program as course number PA517 (Leadership Development for Public Organizations).


Supervision in the Public Sector

Customized to meet the needs of specific agencies while meeting the mandated training and continuing education requirements of DPSST, this course covers …
  • Supervision in the public sector – equity, due process, just cause and communication
  • Legal and ethical requirement for public sector supervisors
  • Getting work done and maintaining control
  • Hiring and promotional selection
  • Performance management and appraisal
  • Employee development
  • Discipline and termination
  • Labor issues for supervisors

Cost: Varies

Offered Upon Request- minimum enrollment 10 participants

DPSST-accredited – 40 hours

Graduate or undergraduate credit options available.

Contact Dr. Matt Jones at 503-725-8298 for more information.